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Dathern personally takes the time to understand your needs so that your wedding cake experience exceeds your expectations in every way.  Dathern specializes in wedding cakes and chocolate and is a true “pulled sugar” artist.

Bridal Couples in Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding cities are invited to call for a complimentary consultation of the wedding services provided by Dathern Moon




Dathern Moon (ICES) – International Cake Exploration Societe’
Alabama State Representative – Date: June 30, 200 Revised: May 24,2003 Revised: March 15, 2003

Dathern’s birth certificates shows that she was born in Alabama and Tennessee. She accepts Alabama as her birth place since her mother and daddy lived a few miles into Alabama when she was five years old and to this day everyone in the family knows she makes the best gravy and biscuits in North Alabama. After five, she never quit cooking. Eventually into making the world’s best coconut pies, heavenly fudge cakes, Italian cream cakes and her famous Glaze five flavored pound cake.

When she graduated from high school, she worked for General Shoe for a few years, as she did some undergraduate work; spent a few months in New Jersey while her husband was in the U.S. Army and when they returned to Huntsville, she worked for the City of Huntsville’s City Clerk’s office, among her many duties were managing and doing the City’s complete payroll. She worked there until her second child was born. She quit work to take care of Marsha Debra Moon, born June 2, 1963. After Marsha got a few months on her, Dathern became interested in some church work, some garden club participation and many other activities. She has a husband R.D., son Rick, daughter Marsha, a wonderful daughter-in-law, Mary Ann, and son-in-law, John Floyd, and four grandchildren.

In 1968, she went to a lady’s home that was sharing how to decorate different cakes; and since she already was on the of the best at baking cakes, all she had to do was learn how to do quality cake decorating. This was it, the art of cake decorating became her thing. Her first big cake was a four-tier cake that she gave to some friends for their daughter’s wedding reception. From then on, she baked and decorated numerous cakes for family and friends for wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. One of the most difficult cakes to decorate back in those days was a perfect reproduction of an eagle for a Boy Scout Troop. As it turned out, the eagle was much easier than the cakes she would do in bridal shows that included rolled fondant, pulled sugar, rolled butter cream, gum paste and elegant cake designs. The highlight for her and prides of her work in cake artistry and decorating was the five-foot tall show cake that she did for her and her husband’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. Oh, yes, she did serve real bride’s cake and groom’s cake and many other foods to the approximately 550 guests that arrived in the space of about three and one half hours. It was a great day with lots of hard work.

Eventually she found out about an organization called the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES), joined up and started receiving their newsletter. She joined ICES, had a great time and had many learning experiences. Previously, she was the Alabama State Representative for over nine years. Her position as Alabama State Representative was up in 2004. Results: two-week course in Birmingham with Mrs. Hogan (now deceased) learning how to do pulled sugar, one week and Mr. Wilton doing pulled sugar in Chicago and Dathern can still do pulled sugar to this day; two weeks learning gum paste from Nickolas Lodge in Louisville, Kentucky; two weeks at the Wilton School in Chicago, learning more about spun and pulled sugar; one week with Betty Van Norstrand from the state of New York, in Nashville, Tennessee; a class in cold porcelain with Linda Meeden from Australia; a week of classes in chocolate artistry and Elaine Gonzalez in Chicago at the Wilton Institute for Cake Decorating; a class from Pat Myers in vegetable and fruit carving from Thailand. She has taken many classes from Collette Peters and Dathern along with her husband look forward to seeing Collette every year at the ICES conventions. Dathern has had many professional classes in flower arrangements and she has had numerous learning experiences in demonstrations put on at ICES conventions, Alabama ICES, and The Tennessee Country Decorators. Some of her favorite artists are: Nicholas Lodge, Collette Peters, Earlene Moore, Virginia Sears, who is now deceased (Virginia did the cake pictures for Hallmark cards), and Kerry Vincent.

Dathern has shared her talents with demonstrations for students in local high schools, in local churches, for The Tennessee County Decorators; Alabama ICES, and has taught her granddaughter how to do a marzipan, decorative ornament that was displayed at the Disney World, ICES convention, which was included in the ICES newsletter the next year. Dathern has been asked to author a recipe and elegant cake book, but never seems to have time.

Dathern has traveled extensively: Bangkok, Thailand,; Hong Kong; Taipei, Taiwan, Tokyo, Japan, England, West Germany before the wall came down; Austria, Paris, France; Mexico and she has been three times to Hawaii (the last time on her 50th anniversary), and she has been to nearly all the ICES conventions since they met in Louisville, Kentucky. At last count she has been to 34 states in the United States. Dathern’s family business called “Elegant Wedding Cakes” always on quality, cleanliness, health, beauty, the presentation of cakes and food on silver or gold whenever possible, and she makes sure her cakes, chocolates, and foods have an exquisite taste. As an ICES state representative, she always signs her newsletters: Yours in the World of Sugar Art, Dathern Moon.

As a footnote, Dathern and her husband worked five years, giving of their free time and money to chair the Cake Gallery for the state of Tennessee’s International Cake Exploration Societies International Convention located in the Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, in late July 2002. They were responsible for approximately 800 show cakes and along with the rest of their family and a friend they worked eight days and up to sixteen hours a day during the convention. It was an experience that will last Dathern a lifetime.

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Full receptions consisting of light to heavy Hors d’ouvres. Brides, Grooms and Anniversary Cakes, Chocolate Tables. Dathern will furnish all linens, silver or gold trays (whichever applies) and silver or good accessories. Dathern’s cakes look good and taste good.






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60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Tribute to R.D. and Dathern Moon
On Sunday August 24, 2008 R.D. and Dathern Moon celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a dessert reception at First Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL. The reception was given in their honor by: Rickie, Mary Ann, Russ and Laura Moon and John, Marsha, Harrison and Hampton Floyd.
Click HERE to watch the video tribute to R.D. and Dathern.



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